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Herd Towing is owned and operated by military veterans. Our experience in the towing industry began with Army towing operations. From getting equipment battle ready and loading it all onto rail cars to having your M1A1 Abrams tank broken down in the middle of the desert, we have seen it all. There is no job too challenging and we strive to always complete the mission.

Post military, the owners of Herd Towing worked many years in the oil fields of south Texas, driving, spotting, and operating heavy equipment and providing the best customer service for the most demanding of customers.

Herd towing is owned and operated by certified safety professionals. Both owners were health, safety, and environmental managers/coordinators of an international pressure-pumping corporation. Together, they both accomplished record safety numbers for a seemingly impossible industry. They knew that the same results could be achieved in the industry that they were most passionate about, towing. Together they joined forces to build a company that is as safety conscious as it is timely and efficient. 

​Customer Service

Towing Services and Roadside Assistance in San Antonio

At Herd Towing, we understand that the last thing you want in your day is to need our services. Our commitment is to either get you back on the road expediently or to a repair shop with zero hassles. Our technicians are reliable, honest, and courteous. We are licensed and insured and we are not a fly-by-night towing company looking to make a quick buck. We provide the best customer service because of our experience, professionalism, and our relentless dedication to your satisfaction. You chose us. It is our mission to ensure that you made the right decision!